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Statement of Customer Referral Marketing Program for Tiens UK Limited 2013


To attract global elites to further expand the British market and also combining the characteristic of the British market, Tiens UK Limited has decided to launch the Customer Referral Marketing Program in 2013. The independent distributor needs to obey the following rules:

(1) The Customer Referral Marketing Program (CRMP) is a short-term promotion Program launched by Tiens UK Limited, with aim to further expand the British market.

(2) A non-UK resident-Distributor (an international distributor) must have received professional training in his/her country and have obtained the skills and experience of direct selling, with quite a few client resources, then he/she is qualified to participate in the CRMP.

(3) In order for a non-UK resident Distributor to participate in the Customer Referral Marketing Program (CRMP), according to the relevant laws and regulations, the following prerequisites should be fulfilled:

-Real-Name registration.
-Strictly implement local tax laws and regulations, and meet the obligations by paying the appropriate tax to the governing tax authorities.

Tiens UK Limited solemnly advises you to read the Customer Referral Marketing Program in details, understand and obey the relevant laws and regulations.




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