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Being young and wealthy, Louis Dengdan, one of the top leaders of Tiens Indonesia, has once hit a record high in the global direct selling industry worldwide.

Louis was born on October 6, 1974, and has been seen as an incredible person and a "golden child" of Tiens Indonesia.

Louis is not a new face in the direct selling industry. Before he joined Tiens in 1993, Mr. Louis had worked at many direct selling companies. Given the financial situation of his family then, he had no choice but the direct selling industry, which didn't require a lot of investment. However, he didn't get the expected result from any direct selling business.

Being frustrated, Louis had to do some traditional selling businesses: he once sold different household goods like pans, VCD, etc.; but this was not the life he wanted.

Later, Louis met Tiens, and decided to place 100% of his confidence in the cause. At first, he could only get income of one to two million rupees; and all his family, his relatives, and his friends felt regretful for his decision while some people even looked down on him. But Louis did not give up but believed that Tiens would bring him success. At that time, his dream was to get a BMW car, as he felt that a BMW can symbolize his victory.

The efforts of Mr. Louis have finally been rewarded. In May 2002, he got a BMW as award granted him; thus, his life changed, he had everything expected. It can be said that his dream had come true. Since then, the career of Mr. Louis developed rapidly and he received the Yacht Award, Aircraft Award and Luxury Villas Award in a very short period of time. He also achieved a few promotions in career.

The success of Mr. Louis may be attributed to 5 keys. They are:

(1)Have a dream and a positive attitude.

Dreams and attitude determine 95% of the successful cases. Like Tiens, dreams make people think further, and a good attitude can help us achieve dreams. Dreams and good attitude help us to be strong, and maintain a positive attitude no matter what happens.

(2)Having infinite faith

Having infinite faith means to be confident in achieving the dream resolutely. The biggest enemy to the direct selling is to feel doubtful about success, and only infinite faith can make it possible for your dreams to come true.

(3)Be subconsciously confident in your success

Be subconsciously confident in your success, always think about your dreams and a positive attitude, your firm belief will make you always embrace dreams and maintain a positive attitude.

(4)Take Actions

Do not sit there doing nothing but act and work to help other distributors, establish the cause of Tiens with seven steps.

(1) Have a dream (2) Create a list (3) Invite (4) Introduce Tiens (5) Follow-up (6) Put products into use (7) Use auxiliary equipment, such as books, CDs, or product seminars.


Anyone needs a devout faith and he/she should pray that there will be a blessed door open for us.


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