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Pamela Rachel Tsela


I have a dream! This dream has been rooted in my mind since my childhood and has accompanied my youth. Since I attended school as an ignorant and innocent child, I have hoped to improve the old and poor small town with excellent academic performance, change the life of my family members, and bring health and wealth to more people so that they have a good life and hope. However, in the racial segregation period in Africa, personal qualifications were insignificant, positions depended on social status and race, so my dream had been ignored, buried and even deprived time and time again.

My name is Pamela Rachel Tsela. I was born in a small town in Johannesburg. Having studied diligently, I received a female teacher certificate, an undergraduate degree of the University of the North, a master degree from Rand Afrikaans University, and was appointed teacher, department manager by the Ministry of Education, and served as school president and educational psychologist for 13 years. However, career competition, money-making pressure, family and debt made me tired of the life in cycles. I thought about life changes of mine and more people living such irritable life. I began to look for opportunities all round, looked up in the newspaper job columns, told my ideas to friends…I believe dream is the desire to realize ideal and the persistence of never saying give up, and the greatest wealth of people with dreams, so I can make it as long as I insist.

In constant seeking and self-motivation, I met “Tiens”. When I learned that Chairman Li Jinyuan founded Tiens to realize his dream and that Tiens aims to provide consumers with wealth and health on the basis of the 5,000 year oriental traditional medicine, I was really conquered. I know that Chairman Li must have met many difficulties in the process of realizing his dream, as if every difficulty that can be imagined once emerged, but he conquered numerous difficulties with firm will and finally succeeded, which gave me infinite motive power. When I was hungry and thirsty, when I was away from home for several weeks and even months, I cried, but I have a firm belief that when you are hurt or restrained by the environment, you will definitely dispel the difficulties and have fruitful results as long as you insist on and get motivated by your dream.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to Chairman Li Jinyuan and Tiens. They helped me recognize the value of dream and gave me the power to realize my dream. I am proud to be a Tiens citizen and would like to express the gratitude of all Tiens citizens in Africa to Chairman Li Jinyuan for bringing health and wealth to us, helping us restore dreams and walk to success.


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