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Vladimir Lalin


My name is Vladimir Lalin, I was born in Russia in 1967, my father left me when I was three years old, and I was raised by my mother alone. I was admitted by the university for excellent academic achievement, but it failed to help me realize my dreams and live a satisfying life. The economic crisis deprived me of my job and my bank deposit. In 2000, my beloved mother passed away; my wife left me; I lost my house and became a man with nothing and no fixed abode.

I had a new family when I was 37 years old. I had no money and rented a small house with only 60 square meters. One year later, our child was born. The family was in urgent need of money, I felt hopeless, because I was still renting though 37 years old. I had to wash the swaddling clothes by myself. I felt I was an unsuccessful husband, an unsuccessful father and an unsuccessful son in law.

My friend called me by accidental chance. He introduced Tiens Group, its philosophies and superior career opportunities in details and invited me to join Tiens.My child was only one month old when I joined Tiens. It was really a very difficult time, but also the most unforgettable time of my life.

At Tiens, I'm proud because I can realise my dreams in addition to decent work and high income. I received the luxury car award at 2005 Malaysian annual meeting; the yachat award at the 2006 Indonesian annual meeting; the two-piece set at 2009 Russia Yakaterinburg annual meeting; and the moment of receiving the three-piece set award is the most memorable moment of my life.

I would like to express my wholehearted gratitude to Tiens, Chairman Li Jinyuan, and all people who helped me in achieving success. The cause requires us to constantly travel and find new directions in a new world. This summer, my fellows and I finished the Mediterranean trip. During the years at Tiens, I brought my family members and team members to many places in the world, such as Germany, France, Poland, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy, etc. We take pride in Tiens, and we clearly know it is just the beginning ... Because 17 yearsit just means a start of maturity, and the great course and victory are awaiting us. In front of us is the whole world, and we will strive to win it!


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