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TIENS®  has created a compensation plan that incorporates all of the benefits that no employer could ever offer, whereby it pays a bonus every month for the sales that you have made whilst in the process of building your own independent business. Should you wish to create a small regular monthly income by working just a few hours each week, or if you would like to create a business around the world, then TIENS®  offers that choice to you. The more time and effort you dedicate to your business, the greater the potential reward. There are no restrictions to signing a contract with TIENS®  - other than being over 18 years of age.

The business that’s simple…

The TIENS®  compensation plan is successful because of its simplicity. It offers an easy way to get started in your own business, what’s more you will start with proven consumable products in an already established and growing industry. When you get started TIENS®  will supply the structure and support to help you to grow your business to whatever size you would like..

…and secure

 The unique TIENS®  compensation plan ensures that your achievements are rewarded for all of the sales efforts that you put in. Once you reach any position in the Compensation Plan, you will stay there, unlike other Direct Selling businesses, TIENS®  operates its plan on an accumulative bonus structure which means that you follow each month with the sales that you generated in the previous month. In addition you will also enjoy the success of your team as you introduce new people to your business as the compensation plan rewards each individual for their efforts and for the whole of your team. TIENS®  will pay all bonuses directly to you and to them in the following month for all business that is generated.           



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