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What’s Happening in January

Welcome to the first What’s Happening of 2016.
Let’s make sure we all have a very prosperous start to the year.
We have some great events happening this month!! 
Training & Event Calendar - Highlights:

Saturday, 2nd January 
3pm: Tiens Opportunity Presentation (OPP)
4pm: Tiens Detox Products - Come along and learn all about “Why we all need to use the Tiens product range to detox our bodies after the holiday season.
Bring your friends, family & team members along to the London Office & show them what we have to offer.
Wednesday, 6th January 
2pm-4pm: Compensation Plan training 
Open to all Star Level.
Workshop on how the compensation plan works & how you can go up the star levels
Saturday, 9th January
3pm: Tiens Opportunity Presentation (OPP)
4pm: Product Training; Tiens Nourishing pack - Why we all need to use the Tiens product range to Nourish our bodies.
Wednesday, 13th January
2pm – 4pm: Business Training:  How to Prospect 
6pm-8pm: Business Review Meeting 5* & above
Saturday, 16th January
2pm – 5pm TIENS Open Day Enent - Colindale Office 
**** Special Training **** -  Guest Speaker -  David Butler
How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business - Proven Strategies For Entrepreneurs 
Want to know how to Grow your business in 2016? Need help with promoting your On-line Business? Want to know how to make most out of social Media? Look no further! Come along to our event to witness an amazing presentation by our Special Guest Speaker -  David Butler. For more than 30 years David has been building up his expertise and knowledge within the Direct Sales/MLM industry. This wealth of experience has led to company executives in the UK, and across the globe, consulting with David on the specialist subject of taking their Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing businesses to market.
Wednesday, 20th January 
2pm-4pm: Training Workshop
How to present the Opportunity meeting - Learn to present the OPP to large group or one to one
Saturday, 23rd January 
Colindale HQ London 
3pm: Tiens Opportunity Presentation (OPP)  
4pm: Health Seminar  - Four Seasons Health - Winter
We will be having a Health Presentation on Four Season Health  - “Winter -Time to protect your Kidneys ” presented by Maria Ivanova.
Chinese philosophy states: Prevention Is Better Than Cure. It’s never too late to adopt a Healthier Lifestyle.
It is a great opportunity for you to invite new team members along to the London Office & show them what we have to offer.   
12-3pm: Beauty Workshop; Aprotie Organics Workshop
How to apply & promote the range. Attendance by qualification only. See leaflet for full details
Wednesday, 27th January 
2pm-4pm: Training Workshop How to Plan & promote your business
Learn how to action plan your business to success
Saturday, 30th January 
3pm: Tiens Opportunity Presentation (OPP)
4pm: Product Training; Tiens Beauty Products - Aprotie Range & Masks

All training & Workshops are held at  (unless stated):
London Office Unit 1 Colindale Business Park,126 Colindale Ave London NW9 5HD
Please contact your Upline for extra dates of Tiens Opportunity Presentation (OPP)

Training Sessions Saturdays & Wednesdays
Please see the above for the dates & times of the sessions

Products: Presented by Helen Banya, Maria Ivanova, Ibrahim Asante,& Leaders

Trainings: Presented by Lisa Rice, Tiens UK Trainer

New Distributor Training (NDO): Full training on how to get started with Tiens & how we can work together to make your business a success. All you need to know to kick start your business.  In fact, to do Tiens business is very simple, First understand Tiens, How Tiens products work, & then introduce Tiens to your friends. Simple!

3* & 4* Training: 2nd step in your Tiens Training course. Learn how you can present the business opportunity to your network, how to action plan your Goals & Dreams and how you can achieve success with Tiens.

5* & 6* Training: You now achieving the next level, so time to take the next steps on your training course with Tiens. Learn how to plan your time, Marketing your business, How Home Parties can increase your business and how you can grow your team


Office Hours:   Mon – Fri: …….. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm…………..   Sales counter closes at 5.30 pm

                            Wed: …...……….10:00 am – 8:00 pm……………  Sales counter closes at 7.30 pm

                             Sat: ……......…...12.30 pm – 7:00 pm ……...........  Sales counter closes at 6.30 pm



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