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Tai ji Sun Hospital International Health Management Center is a world-class health management institution in China. Equipped with the latest, most advanced facilities and technology, Tai Ji Sun IHMC is constantly striving to improve its service standards to provide the best available healthcare to the masses.





All-Legend – Spearheading a Global, Premier brand for China hotels.

The All-legend brand covers a wide scope of businesses, including hotel investments, hotel management, tourism, property management and cultural media. Its brands include: All-legend Deluxe Tang Palace, All-legend Royal Spring Hotel (7-star), All-legend international Hoter(4-star), All-legend Business Hotel(4-star), All-legend Convention Hotel, All-legend Holiday Hotel, All-legend inn, All-legend Property Services, Beijing All-legend international Travel Co., Ltd, as well as All-legend Summit Media.






Tianjin Tianshi College was founded on 26th July, 1999 and is the first private college officially recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education of China. The College is sponsored by Mr. Li Jinyuan, a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist and CEO of the Tiens Group based in Tianjin, China.

Tianjin is the third largest metropolis in China. Tianjin Tianshi College, located in the Wuqing Economic Development Area, is situated squarely between Beijing and Tianjin. With the Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway traversing the Wuqing District, it takes only 18 minutes to reach Beijing and 12 minutes to Tianjin proper.

The College’s International Exchange Center serves to further promote Chinese language programs throughout the world. We welcome students and friends from all over the world to come to Tianjin Tianshi College to study, learn and better understand the Chinese language and its culture.


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