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Tieli Wang


My name is Wang Tieli and I come from Beijing. I was born in a family of high-level intellectuals. I used to run a private advertising company. I was a patient of congenital ricket since young, and symptoms of sub-health state have always accompanied my childhood and adolecense, which is a real suffer to my body and heart!      

One day in 1997, I was invited to the health course by one friend. Under the guidance of my mentor, I used Tiens productsand my sub-health condition was relieved just one week later. I was so curious about the company and developed a strong interest of Tiens cause and products! I learned about the fact that the Tiens products have been developed with the Chinese 5,000 year health preserving culture and modern high technologies for modern people, and began to share Tiens healthcare products with my family members! 

In 2006, I got pregnant unexpectedly at 38. With the care of Tiens products, I gave birth to a “Tiens baby” with confidence and health! In the big family of Tiens, I witnessed many “Tiens babies” with the care of Tiens products. They are outstanding and the source of happiness in families!

The 100-year-old birthday of my grandpa fell on this years’ Spring Festival, the first day of the lunar January. Since my grandpa started to intake Super Calcium Powder, he hasn't missed any single day since then. Tiens products have become a life necessity for him.      

On the big platform of Tiens and after a dozen years of hard work, my husband and I received all big prizes of Tiens. We live a good life. Since 2001, we have received five cars in addition to overseas travel opportunities each year. Tiens has changed my physical condition, the cause of Tiens has changed the fate of mine and my family! My eldest daughter is studying in the United States, and my young daughter will attend school soon. I will send her to noble schools for better education since childhood, abroad for further study, and make her highly qualified personnel for the country. All my dreams can only be achieved at Tiens. As long as you work hard, Tiens will help you realize your dreams!

Today, Tiens has Tai Ji Sun International Hospital. My friends and I have regular physical examination at the hospital, where the experts will develop more reasonable health formulas for us. I was most worried about aging, and Tai Ji Sun has completely eased my worry! Tai Ji Sun is a “rear supply station”, with which we can strive for glories on our life stages with complete peace of mind!     

      Thank you, Tiens!

      Thank you, Chairman Li Jinyuan!


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